Welcome to Intermediate Leadership




As the healthcare system moves inexorably toward greater complexity, consolidation and centralization individual physicians are faced with the challenge of working in settings where their traditional autonomy and influence are decreasing. Retaining and enhancing this autonomy and influence is key not only to career goals and work satisfaction, but to reduced burnout and the overall success of the healthcare system. Leadership knowledge and skills provide one way to accomplish this.

Leading at the Next Level: A Deeper Dive into Physician Leadership is designed for physicians who desire a deeper exploration of issues, knowledge, skills and tools important for leadership in this rapidly changing healthcare context. Although it is suggested that participants have taken the Fundamentals of Leadership or some equivalent leadership training, it is not a prerequisite. Those wishing to participate who have no prior leadership training will be given an optional set of readings and online materials to introduce them to basic principles of leadership.

The course is structured to offer flexibility and choice to those wishing to focus on a particular area and is scheduled to be maximally accessible to busy physicians. It consists of 4 modules, each with 3 hours of in-person participative learning, scheduled on a weekday evening, and 3 hours of individual learning in the form of readings, online sessions, case studies and podcasts.

Up to 6 CME Credits for each session.