Leverage you staff's professional patient relations, telephone techniques and etiquette are essential in today’s competitive medical environment. Your staff is the “Directors Of First Impressions.”  Appropriate screening of telephone calls, requests for appointments and advice given  assume greater importance.  Quality of care and patient satisfaction is still paramount.   Interactions with patients must be handled appropriately to minimize the risk of increased malpractice claims.  When patients must choose doctors by the plan list, it is imperative that staff make a positive impression in person and on the telephone to assure these "potential” patients become your patients.

This course is intended for all staff that encounters patients either in person or by telephone. It is a basic course, not intended for managersReception, Check in, Check Out, Medical Assistants, Nurses, Billing and Insurance staff all attend this course. 

Practice & Liability Consultants is uniquely qualified to present this seminar due to the experience of delivering both practice management and risk management services.

Learning Objectives:  Attendees will learn how to:
  • Handle difficult patients to turn the angry patient into a happy customer
  • Speak in a professional manner utilizing the “May I” phone etiquette
  • Utilize “LEARN” techniques from the Ritz Carlton superlative customer service
Topics Include:
  • Understanding what today’s patients want from medical offices
  • Professional etiquette, demeanor, and business language
  • Skillful PR techniques to assure patients will choose your practice
  • Accurate message taking
  • Protocols for screening calls
  • Handling complaints
  • Creating a service oriented environment
  • Telephone advice  - How much, what type, how to document
  • Risk Management principles stressed such as documentation, confidentiality

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Debra Phairas

President of Practice & Liability Consultants

Debra Phairas is President of Practice & Liability Consultants, a nationally recognized firm specializing in practice management and malpractice prevention. Her consulting experience includes over 2,000 practices of all sizes and specialties, and her services range from practice start-ups, practice assessments, financial analysis, revenue enhancement, overhead reduction, personnel management, partnership issues, and recruitment support for hospitals and physician groups. She has presented seminars and lectures nationwide. www.practiceconsultants.net

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