Archived Activities

  • Here is your opportunity to get the latest Medicare updates and information for the new year! Do not be caught short when it comes to knowing what is new for Medicare for the upcoming year! what Medicare will be looking at when reviewing your records, and what your opportunities for new revenue might be when treating your Medicare patients.

  • Review some of the most critical privacy and security standards in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Rules. In this one-hour webinar with expert HIPAA and practice management consultant David Ginsberg, you will receive important updates on who is covered, what information is protected, how you can stay secure in the Information Age, and how to avoid costly mistakes, as well as learning what is new for compliance.

  • Attend this on-demand series to receive training on HIPAA, OSHA Training and Customer Service. Focused to provide training for supportive medical staff.

  • Join the Bay Area Medical Societies and the Ethnic Health Institute (EHI) as we collaboratively offer a unique experience addressing the connection between socioeconomic factors, systemic inequality, and health disparities in our community. Including thought provoking keynote speakers with a deep focus on understanding how inequality is linked to health care disparities and identify what health disparities look like locally. Participants will gain ability to reference local resources in practice and highlight examples of effective strategies to improve patient outcomes.

  • This program offers participants the ability to employ effective ways to find calm and therefore give opportunities to think, plan, and make good decisions about patients' and personal challenges.