Archived Activities

  • Customer Service Seminar

    Leverage your staff's professional patient relations, telephone techniques and etiquette are essential in today’s competitive medical environment. Your staff is the “Directors Of First Impressions.” Appropriate screening of telephone calls, requests for appointments and advice given assume greater importance. Quality of care and patient satisfaction is still paramount. Interactions with patients must be handled appropriately to minimize the risk of increased malpractice claims. When patients must choose doctors by the plan list, it is imperative that staff make a positive impression in person and on the telephone to assure these "potential” patients become your patients.

  • New Staff Onboarding Series

    Attend this on-demand series to receive training on HIPAA, OSHA Training and Customer Service. Focused to provide training for supportive medical staff.

  • ACCMA Townhall: COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

    Join us for an online membership townhall focused on the COVID-19 vaccine, the science behind the vaccine and an update from representatives from both Alameda and Contra Costa County on the plan of deployment.

  • Physician Wellness: Break Barriers, Discover Boosters, and Reach Your Own Goals

    This webinar will provide an opportunity for you to pause for a bit and, for a change, to think about yourself, despite the remarkable slurry of uncertainties and challenges in which we find ourselves.

  • Getting Ready for the 2021 E/M Changes

    Recorded On: 12/01/2020

    Will Your Practice Be Ready for the Changes? As of January 1, 2021, physicians will select an E/M code based on total time spent on the date of the encounter or medical decision making (MDM).